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Do you crave the high-energy, fast-paced world of fashion? Does the chaos of being on set thrill you like no other? Then YOU belong at . Why waste time and effort on other sites when can provide everything you need to jumpstart your career in the entertainment industry. From day one, students are immersed in the craft of filmmaking and the art of modeling. Get trained in the areas of Stage Acting, TV and Film Acting, Voice-Over, Improv Techniques, Modeling and More! Take the first step in the right direction by selecting a topic below and filling out the form!

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San Antonio Modeling and Runway Work

Do you find yourself staring at the images in glossy magazines like Vogue and Glamour in awe? When you enter a room do you turn heads and strut into the room like you are walking down your own personal catwalk? Do you have the “Look”? If you found that you have answered yes to any if not all of these questions, you may find that modeling is the rewarding career of your dreams in San Antonio and you will find that opportunity is just literally knocking in San Antonio.
In San Antonio you find that there is a flavor of modeling out there for everyone. There is so much to modeling that the many niches and specializations may not even cover it, however with much variety you can find the type of modeling that fits you. You just have to decide if you have the dedication needed and the drive to take the modeling path that works best for you and you have to understand going in that there is more skill needed than to just look beautiful or cute; just good looking in general.
Every aspiring model should be already aware of what their best features are and also know how to flaunt what their momma gave them in San Antonio. A good way to do this if you are an unaware beauty so to speak is to simply inspect your face, no makeup and have your hair pulled back. The industry no longer holds strict restrictions on symmetry and Eurocentric features and the concept of beauty and the process involved in scouting models has changed drastically as well. Is your face interesting in any way? Do you have sensual lips? Naturally smokey eyes? Any feature can be an advantage when it comes to being someone that people remember in San Antonio.
Make faces in the mirror. Practice over-the-top emoting, laughing on cue, and bending your body into interesting positions while still looking natural and comfortable. Get comfortable in heels or other shoes you don’t normally wear. You may be asked to run, jump, and even skip in heels. Learn how to move fluidly, with small movements between shutter clicks instead of completely different poses from snap to snap. Think of each session as if you are trying to create a stop-motion flip book and act on the type of personality of the brand you are modeling for. Your photographer will thank you.. Your photographer will thank you.
Modeling Portfolios in San Antonio
Once you know your angles and your poses, it's time to hire a photographer. Remember to communicate with the photographer to understand the process and how they will shoot. In order to get your face out there, you’ll need more than a few selfies and party pics snapped on your iPhone. You’ll need to build a modeling portfolio especially if you want to start off on the right foot as a model. Portfolio standards have evolved a lot over recent years and you want to make sure your portfolio is professional and polished in San Antonio.
There are two types of portfolios you’ll need to curate to help yourself get started as a model in San Antonio. The first is a traditional, hard copy portfolio. This is like your resume. You’ll bring this with you to all in-person casting calls. It should feature your best 8 to 12 images, and be presented in a portfolio case with a brief catalog of your modeling experience.
The second is your online portfolio that will reach out further than San Antonio and will open up many more opportunities for you as you begin your modeling career. This technique is where you can really show the breadth of your experience and versatility. Building a strong portfolio can be a time-consuming process, but shows casting agents just what you bring to the table and what you can do for them. It should be ever-evolving as you gain more experience in San Antonio.